Fall (Out) In Love

by Diji

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Re-work of Slum Village's Fall In Love (Produced by J. Dilla)


verse 1
first time we locked eyes we were so inseparable love
now you tell me that im childish and have to grow up
used to kick it till the sun would come up in the summer
now you threaten that you finally would leave
and change your number
hold hands while we drive around town now-
we barely speak when i come around that's how
i know that this is fallin' out
used to come to every show and now you get mad
when i have to go and knock em out
used to kick it on the curb and we would toke it
nowadays i'm only with the homies when i'm smoking
pictures from my memories of you dancing and twirling
now every time we kick it you stay texting
all your girlfriends
how we end up in a whirlwind? will never know
but this pride is our strength so weaknesses we never show
we've put up too much time and effort just to let it go
if you can think of a way to fix it then baby let me know

verse 2
you don't even look my way anymore, don't even bother
every time i try to ask about your day your looking
remember when we used to go to cute dates?
now you say its too late, when we walk together
you just look straight
used to give me your jacket and hug me when it's mad chilly
now when i ask to cuddle, you ask me damn really?
used to listen to every word and look right at me
now you either handlin' business or look at eye candy
awkward silences when i ask you: Hey who you call?
i just want you to call me amazing - Bruno Mars
yeah that's really all, a bit of attention
now you see the fall out in this love i hope you learned a lesson


released October 6, 2010



all rights reserved


Diji Los Angeles, California

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